HOUSE OF CARDS, 2007-2008


Additional images from this series available on request


These images are from a series of twelve photographs based on the idiom of a house of cards, a metaphor used to describe a tenuous situation on the verge of collapse or failing. The project was a response to both the housing loan crisis which was occurring at the time, as well as well as to the delicate balance of the natural and man-made environment - particularly in Southern California. Visually, I was interested in the card houses as a sort of freestanding collage based on pattern and ephemera.

Griffith Park, 20x24 inches


Lincoln Boulevard, 20x24 inches


Empire, 24x20 inches



Los Feliz: Orange/Blue, 20x24 inches


Temescal Canyon, 20x24 inches


LAX, 24x20 inches


Malibu, 20x24 inches


Joshua Tree, 20x24 inches